Shawn Perepelytz first got involved in the tile-setting trade when he realized that turning people's houses into homes and big retail spaces into boutique stores, was his passion. He first started working for tile-setting companies in Ontario, Canada, constantly developing his skills and improving his technique. His experience led him to the observation that there are ways to optimize the quality of tiling projects by improving time-efficiency, choosing the right products for each project, and meeting a client's budget. When the opportunity to bid on a twelve-unit apartment complex arose, he knew it was the right time to create his own tiling company. Winning and successfully completing that project was the beginning of Metroworks Tile & Stone and Shawn's journey as an independent professional tile setter. That journey eventually brought him to British Columbia, Canada where his company is now based.

Currently Metroworks Tile & Stone is offering tiling solutions for new residential construction projects, custom built homes, high-end luxury homes, as well as commercial flooring for offices, restaurants, and boutique stores. The company operates in the Lower Mainland of BC, Vancouver Island, as well as Alberta and Ontario.